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“Your initiative and persistence to complete the task is very much appreciated.” 

Dr. Michael T.,
(Surgeon - Otolaryngology)

“...my dictation requires extreme accuracy, attention to detail, and correct spelling. Transcription Associates, Inc. does the job well.”

Dr. Richard S.
(Surgeon - Ophthalmology)

Why Choose Transcription Associates? Learn more about us

Transcription Associates, Inc. is a cutting edge transcription service who utilizes the most advanced technology to transcribe your dictation.  We offer a variety of services encompassing the medical, legal and corporate worlds. 

Transcription Associates, Inc. is privately owned and operated since 1998 with well over 25 years of experience in the industry.

One phone call will directly connect you to the company owner, Kathy Bartlett, who is competent, friendly and accommodating. 

Transcription Associates, Inc. does not outsource any work to foreign countries for transcribing or processing.

Prices are calculated on a per project basis and/or client volume.

Our cost effectiveness will benefit your business.

For example:

Why do this… When you can do this…

In-House Employee:  

Work Space
Maternity leave
Vacation time
Sick time/replacement
Disability insurance
Unemployment insurance
Health insurance
Social security
FICA and state taxes
Worker’s compensation

Transcription Associates, Inc.: 

No hassles
Only a phone call away
Short- and long-term projects
No hidden fees
Expert transcription

We are highly adaptable to your specific requirements and strive to make all transitions as seamless as possible.  Down-time is not an option.

We provide transcription of audio files, micro and standard cassette tapes, legible handwriting and other media for CVs, personal memoirs, book publications, company meeting minutes and general typing.

  • We are a U.S. based company that keeps Americans working.
  • We offer dictation via handheld recorders or phone access.
  • We offer a toll-free 800 number.
  • We currently use the ATOM fusion system.
  • Uploading availability directly from our website.
  • Optional:  Contracts can be signed after a 90-day trial.


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